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Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli, discover our courses!

The Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli in Como is a part of Network IED and represents an international excellence of academic education in the field of the arts.

It’s recognized by the MIUR and promotes by more than 35 years major restoration works in the fields of canvases and boards, stone scupltures and frescos. The educational offer includes: a five-year Academic Diploma in “Restoration“, qualifying for “Restorer of cultural heritage” in the profiles: PFP1 and PFP2, a three-year academic in Visual Arts, Communication and Art direction, a three-year academic in Fashion & textile Design in the daytime and evening version Superior for business professionals of the textile industry. In 2012 has been also activated the Master in Restoration of Contemporary Art & Design.

A school that wants, as first target, to enhance the culture of Made in Italy with a special focus dedicated to innovation in fashion, visual arts and the conservation of cultural heritage.

The added value consists in the didactic laboratory activities that develop from the first year through partnership with businesses, organizations and local institutions to improve the creativity and professionality of each student.



Run Boy Run “With the culture you do not eat! Lie!” > Teaser

"With the culture you do not eat. Lie. "Is the theme of the national campaign in support of culture promoted by the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli. Giulio, a [...]


The Academy of Fine Arts “Aldo Galli” restores Caravaggio.

Students of the Five-Year Restoration course of Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli restoring a masterpiece of seventeenth century painted by Renaissance master Mic [...]

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Vogue tells the Aldo Galli Academy > Focus on textiles: the secret of the school district in the heart of Como

Large post on the web magazine VOGUE with Focus on Textile: the secret of the school district in the heart of Como. The most important fashion magazine in the w [...]


I-Galli the first smartphone platform for managing your students administration wherever you are

The Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli moves all students administration on digital app "I-Galli" from the next academic year. Students will have access to the Ap [...]

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PAINTING WORKSHOP – Basic and Advanced modules – Registration is open!

Registration is now open for the courses Painting Atelier in evening classes. This edition is specially designed for two different levels of preparation "basic" [...]


Painting course for childrens and kids, ARTISTS ARE GROWING UP! The inscriptions are already open.

ARTISTS ARE GROWING UP! Art workshop designed for children aged 6 to 14 years. Objective of the course Privileging individual expression. Develop imaginat [...]

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Five year course in restoration

Five year course in restoration

Discover Restoration in Como

Visual Arts

Three Year Course in Visual Arts

Three Year Course in Visual Arts

Discover Visual Arts in Como


Three Year Course in Fashion

Three Year Course in Fashion

Discover Fashion in Como




Discover Specialization


Ing. Arch. Clemente Tajana – Direttore dell’Accademia
dott. ssa Raffaella Porta – Coordinamento didattico
Silvio Curti – SIO e segreteria
Caterina Antonova – Segreteria didattica
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