10 May 2024 - 18 May 2024


10:30 AM - 20:00 PM


ADI Museum, Piazza Compasso d'Oro 1, Milan - Italy

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In-person event


Come and discover the works of the sixteen artists of the Shaping The Future project!

On show is an extract from the works of the four Italian artists of the Shaping the Future project.

The ADI Museum is preparing to host the exhibition Re-imagining the future of the Shaping The Future project. Within the exhibition space, Italian artists will have the opportunity to give voice to their creative vision, presenting their works in their entirety and complexity.
The works selected for this occasion stand out for their ability to enchant and stimulate the mind, and offer an extraordinary overview of the creativity and innovation present in the project:

  • Rituals of Renewal by Fortuna De Nardo transports us to a world where the cracks and indelible marks imprinted in the stone of Salerno's Chiesa dei Morticelli become the narrators of timeless stories. 
  • You, Yourself and Al or: Narcissus by Samuel Hernandez De Luca is an installation that explores the relationship between man and artificial intelligence. 
  • Solution No. 1 by Fabiola Porchi is a reflection on the manipulation of the animal body, embodied by a multitude of digitally designed and then 3D printed chicken beaks. 
  • Finally, How AI sees Us by Ettore Zonzini takes us on a journey into the collective self-perception of humanity, through the reworking of images generated by artificial intelligence.

In addition, for the duration of the exhibition a screen station will be available for visitors to access the virtual space in which it will be possible to explore digital versions of the works of all sixteen artists in the Shaping The Future project.

The opening of this extraordinary exhibition is scheduled for 9 May at 6 p.m., an unmissable event for all lovers of art and innovation!

The exhibition will be open free of charge from 10 to 18 May from 10.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the ADI Museum in Piazza Compasso d'Oro, 1, Milan.

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