Studiare in Italia - Linee guida per l'iscizione ai corsi ied in italia

Accademia Aldo Galli has been part of the IED network since 2010 and represents a reality of excellence in the field of Higher Artistic Education recognized by Miur.


Ask for information about the course of your interest. You will be contacted by the Advisor to know all the details of the course of your interest and to support you in all the steps: from the interview, to the admission procedures and the enrolment.

The training offer of Accademia Aldo Galli includes different types of courses, each with specific requirements and admission procedures. The  Advisor will support you in verifying the admission requirements and in the necessary steps to enrol in the course of your interest.

Admission procedures

Accademia Galli awards 1st and 2nd Level Academic Diplomas recognised by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) - in the sector of Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance (AFAM), as well as private undergraduate IED Diploma.


The admission procedure may depend on the type of qualification you hold, which may differ between an Italian secondary school diploma obtained in Italy or a foreign qualification. 

Download the procedure depending on the qualification you have obtained or will obtain: 

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Admission and enrolment procedures

Accademia Galli offers scholarships: full and partial coverage of tuition fees, awarded on a meritocratic basis.Competitions in this category are linked to the submission of a project or a selection test.


Continuing Education includes Continuing Study programs and Advanced Study programs: they are designed for those who are willing to deepen specific aspects, stay up-to-date on the most requested tools in the job market, or to approach a creative discipline. Available in the evening hours or on the weekend.

Scholarships on a meritocratic basis and Early Bird facilities are provided for those who register early.

Admission and enrolment procedures