Madonna del Latte nella chiesa di Sant'Orsola di Como


25 May 2024 - 25 May 2024


20:45 PM - 22:45 PM


Viale Lecco 125, Como - Italy

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In-person event


Come discover a restoration project of excellence!

A project to musealize and enhance the collection of torn frescoes from the ancient church of Sant'Orsola in Como

As part of the protection and enhancement of artistic heritage, the restoration of the fresco depicting the Madonna del Latte is a significant example of the importance of proper preservation and musealization of works of art. The project, carried out by Erica Farina, a graduate of the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts - IED Network, will be presented on May 25 at St. Ursula Church at 8:45 p.m.  

The fresco of the Madonna del Latte dating back to the second half of the 15th century and originally painted on the walls of the small monastery church of Sant'Orsola was ripped out and returned to canvas during a restoration campaign in the 1960s. This operation caused various degradation phenomena and compromised the work's state of preservation. Rigorous diagnostics of the fresco made it possible to characterize its painting technique, constituent materials and previous interventions, as well as to identify the factors of degradation. The main objectives of the restoration were to stabilize the pictorial film at risk of loss, clean the fresco, treat canvas deformations, equip the work with a suitable support, and repair the gaps to restore the aesthetic and liturgical unity of the work.  

In addition to the restoration of the Madonna del Latte, Erica Farina has developed a project to enhance and musealize all the other frescoes torn from the church of St. Ursula, dated between the 14th and 16th centuries and currently in a critical state of conservation. The project aims to make this heritage accessible through several concrete initiatives and proposals that include digital and interactive tools, such as a virtual tour, a dedicated website, and a 3D reconstruction of the medieval church. All of this content can be accessed here.

Not only has this project made it possible to return a valuable work of art, the Madonna del Latte, to the community, but it has also highlighted the importance of the care and preservation of artistic heritage, demonstrating that it is possible to reconcile the preservation of works of art with a modern mode of enjoyment that makes artistic treasures accessible to the public that would otherwise risk oblivion. Thanks to these efforts, the ancient church of St. Ursula in Como will continue to be an important cultural and historical landmark for future generations. 

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