29 May 2023

For international minors students who decide to enroll in the Academic Foundation Year course, the BEC agency will arrange for host family accommodation

The Aldo Galli Academy has concluded a new collaboration with the BEC agency, which will take care of international minors students who will come to study in Como and provide for them accommodation in a host family.
The research of host families is extremely accurate: BEC pays attention to some of the most important standards like accommodation, but also makes sure families are extremely motivated and have the right expectations about hosting a student.

Host families must be willing to share: the Italian language, their traditions, habits, and daily life. They are asked to involve the student in every activity, to be generous and understanding.

The stay in the family for the student will be a further opportunity to get to know the Italian language and the Italian culture better.
Moreover, this partnership also opens up the possibility to the families of the Italian students of the Academy to host a foreign student in order to create a way of valuable synergy.

We strongly believe that the international family-living experience makes a vital contribution to human understanding, tolerance of cultural differences and self-awareness – a unique opportunity to learn about others and yourself.


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