11 July 2022

A prize for students graduating in the summer session of the academic year 2021-22.

The Francesco Morelli Foundation as part of its project activities and in the pursuit of its mission aimed at facilitating access to culture, bringing young people closer to the design professions and promoting youth entrepreneurship in the sector, has established the Francesco Morelli Grant Award.

The Prize includes a fund worth €70,000 for students graduating in the summer session of the academic year 2021-22 in the following courses:

- First Level Academic Diploma and Three-year IED Diploma Courses at the IED Italy locations;

- First Level Academic Diploma and at Five-year Degree Programme in Restoration at the Aldo Galli Academy in Como;

- Higher Degree in Artistic Education in Design and four-year IED Diploma courses at IED Spain locations;

- Bachelor Degree courses at IED Brazil locations. 

The Francesco Morelli Degree Award aims to enhance the thesis works selected by each IED seat and A. Galli Academy that have the characteristics of innovation and social impact and are consistent with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

The amount paid will be intended for the continuation or evolution of the thesis project or for the professional or personal development of the candidates, according to a proposal drawn up by the candidates themselves.

The Francesco Morelli Graduation Award aims to enhance the thesis works selected by each IED Headquarters that have the character of innovation, social impact and coherence with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

The Evaluation Commission which examined the candidate projects is made up of:

  • Riccardo Balbo
  • Alessandro Bollo
  • Luciano Galimberti
  • Marcello Gallo
  • Elda Scaramella

On 25 November 2022, the Commission appointed by the Francesco Morelli Foundation evaluated the Development Plans of the candidates admitted to the Grant, selecting 8 projects and attributing them a share of the prize based on the Development Plan presented.

The Thesis Projects related to the awarded Development Plans are:

Center for Agricultural Education of the Glories by Adrià Vilar Guillén, IED Barcelona, ​​an interior design project on the creation of a public space in Barcelona that aims to educate and raise awareness among citizens on the subject of agriculture.

Grow by Julien Calvillo Leturia, IED Bilbao, a graphic design project to promote digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises through an interactive learning tool.
The percentage left in me by Frolensia Ndeyiluka Hitilasha, IED Barcelona, ​​a fashion design project that recovers the traditional codes of the African community in a contemporary and sustainable key.

Animus by Piero Turati, ACC.GALLI Como, painting project enclosed in a catalog of the Exhibition held in Como in July 2022

One by Andrea Abello, IED Turin, photographic research project on the impact of globalization in urban centres.

Serina ORB by Gabriela Andrea Marante Fagundez, IED Madrid, product design project based on an experimental system of therapy and meditation for terminally ill patients.

Oilife by Andrea Pomè, Edoardo Gouffran, Ginevra Lindi, IED Milan, product design project on the development of a household oil collection system to prevent unconscious dispersion into the environment and encourage reconversion.

Blind Emojis by Josefìna Kunz Duràn, Kristruù Bjorgvinsdòttir, IED Milano, a graphic design project linked to a communication system for people with visual impairments.

At this link it is possible to download the ranking with the score achieved by each candidate project and the amount allocated by the Foundation to the projects selected to finance their Development Plan.

The allocated amount is the result of an evaluation by the Commission of the items in the Development Plan.


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