Academic year


A restoration work on a vintage car displayed in the spaces of the ADI Museum in Milan

In a daring combination of tradition and innovation, restoration and design, students and alumni of the Restoration Course took on a new and fascinating challenge: transforming a 1961 Fiat 2100 with Savio custom bodywork from the prestigious Lopresto Collection into a work of art on wheels.

The project was presented in January 2024 at the ADI Design Museum in Milan on the occasion of the exhibition La Collezione Lopresto, a tribute to the uniqueness of made-in-Italy automobiles between the postwar period and the 1980s.

Guided by their passion for restoration and the experience of their professors, the two former students and now restorers Ilaria Sirianni and Airoldi Francesca took on the challenge of restoring a car from the collection of Corrado Lopresto, the world's most important and internationally recognized collector of Italian prototypes.

The main goal of the project was to preserve the car's authenticity and historical integrity, using a combination of traditional techniques and innovative methodologies from the restoration of works of art, and working with dedication to maintain the car's constituent elements, without making any replacements or remakes.

Through direct involvement in all phases of restoration, from cleaning to the preservation of structural elements, the students had the opportunity to put into practice their skills acquired in the classroom, thus enriching their educational background with valuable practical experience in an alternative field of restoration to that of their field of study.

The project is a shining example of how higher education can integrate theory with practice, offering students a stimulating and engaging environment in which to develop their professional skills and aspirations and preparing them for a successful career.