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November 2024


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1 Year



Course Coordination

Fulvio Alvisi

Learn how to create fabrics for sustainable collections with the Master's Course in Textile Design - Product Research Sustainability at Accademia Galli in Como

The Master’s Course in Textile Design - Product Research Sustainability at Accademia Galli in Como has been developed as a result of new requirements emerging in the textile industry. This programme seeks to train up new professionals who will provide eased interaction between creative, strategic, technical and production departments of textile manufacturing companies. 

Anyone involved in textile design should be able to combine a deep understanding of the fashion system with the ability to move ahead of market trends. Indeed, this will allow you to learn how to process an extremely fascinating and sophisticated material such as fabric. This is because each fabric has different properties and keeps changing over time. Silk, a boast of the Como district, has been produced for thousands of years and is still being researched and transformed today.

Information to decide

A Master's Course course where you can learn how to deal with sustainable textile project design as a whole

The Master’s Course in Textile Design - Product Research Sustainability at Accademia Galli in Como is a creative workshop where you can gradually acquire working methods as applied to know-how of Made in Italy. 

This Master's Course is focused on a ‘learning by doing’ approach, blending traditional classroom lessons with workshops and laboratory sessions to help students acquire a methodology that they can successfully apply on the job. You will be involved in project work tasks that will cover all the different steps of the design process.

These will consist of some experimental and interactive workflows that will focus on supporting personal and professional growth of every student. You will also grow through interaction with professionals and key figures working across the textile industry as you take part in conferences, seminars, and company visits. 

The Master’s Course in Textile Design - Product Research Sustainability at Accademia Galli is intended for students with undergraduate education in Fashion Design or also for Designers who are already working in the industry and wish to develop their know-how bringing new approaches to textile research and design.

Students who choose to take this training are familiar with the fashion industry, have a strong motivation and sensitivity, an ability to interpret different cultures and use all these skills when creating projects.

Upon completion of your Master's Course you will have acquired the skills you need to succeed in the marketplace as a qualified textile product design and supervision professional, covering everything from project design activities and production operations all the way to applied research, interpretation and analysis of market trends and sustainability.

You will be able to move into a career as a Manager, Raw Materials/Textile Purchasing and Account Manager, Textile Sourcing Manager, Textile Operations Manager, Textile Designer and Fabric Researcher, working for specialist companies in the textile industry.

Italian textile industry is recognised worldwide for its extraordinary ability to combine innovation, fashion, creativity and style with production technologies. In particular, Como is well-known for its long-established tradition of silk production, with the factories in this area being a worldwide reference point for the silk industry as a whole. For these reasons, the Master's Course in Textile Design - Product Research Sustainability at Accademia Galli in Como is the best place where you can develop all the skills required by the job market.  

The Master’s Course in Textile Design - Product Research Sustainability relies on strong cooperation with businesses in the Como textile district. Many of the lecturers in this Master's Course have prominent roles working with different companies in the local area. Throughout the programme, these companies can submit briefs and projects to our students. This will be a great opportunity for you to be part of a process of change, as you come up with new ideas and methods that will provide the industry with new, fresh energy to better compete in the global marketplace.
This training has been developed to train up Textile Design professionals who can experiment while respecting the values of traditional Italian craftsmanship, as well as sustainability and traceability standards. They will be able to explore their own project design potential, achieving skills to supervise the whole production process, from fibre to fabric. Hence, this will be a great opportunity for students to show everybody their ability to blend creativity and knowledge as a way to manage complexity (based on market, strategy, and brand value). 

Over your time in this training, you will gain in-depth and strong knowledge in the areas of research and sustainability, design methodology, product management, materials technology/textile design, production processes and innovation (weaving, design, printing, ennobling)

This type of training can grasp the needs for change across the whole industry, where the focus is more and more on sustainability as a real market challenge. It is not enough to just produce better. It is also necessary to rethink the product with a view to extending its use and allowing for its recycling.


Study programme

Over the year of your Master's Degree, we will be covering different disciplines that can be grouped into 4 subject areas, i.e. cultural, technological, strategic, and design area. 

Cultural subjects will enable you to understand Textile Design from a cultural, historical and aesthetic point of view. You will explore the structure of the Italian textile industry and related production districts, going over the history, power and contribution of Italian craftsmanship. We will be mapping the different districts and supply chains as you gain first-hand knowledge of the main types of textile materials.

The use of technology will bring you closer to the concept of fabrics as products. We will be studying the whole production process, covering everything from fibre to finished fabric, with a focus on the main features, resources, tools, targets and skills needed at each stage as you go along. Digital printing as the latest developing technology will be explored in detail.

As part of the subjects under the strategic area, you will also be studying the textile enterprise system. We will be covering two key areas specifically: production and supply chain on the one hand (with a special focus on track & trace, ethical responsibility and certification system) and production process control (product management) on the other. You will also be approaching such subjects as marketing, communication and legislation in the textile industry.
Your training path will conclude with a special focus on design-related subjects that will provide an insight into what a textile collection is and how it is designed.  Project Work will enable you to design fabric collections for fashion and interior design based on your own personal inspiration or a company brief.


Fulvio Alvisi

Textile Designer

Course Coordinator

Alon Siman Tov

Fashion and Accessories Design Consulting

Course Coordinator

Vincenzo Lattanzio

Fashion Designer

Elisabetta Morandi

Fashion consultant

Doris Tilg

Fashion designer

Anna Maroncelli

Trend forecaster