15 June 2022

A tribute to ten iconic women interpreted through designers’ projects

The Absolute Beginners project presented at Fuorisalone 2022 is a collective (multidisciplinary) project addressing all of the students of the Galli Academy and the IED Group in the centres in Italy, Spain and Brazil and aims to give voice to the intuition and language of new generations. During the course of the project, the selected ten teams were asked to interpret and reflect on the stories of past and present female icons, who have left an indelible mark on society with their work, vision, as well as their gender struggle. Based on their skills and interests, the teams were asked to present project outputs that range from design models to audio and video installations, from outfits and accessories to graphics, photographs and illustrations.

The following are the ten visionary women, and inspirational muses, with whom the students initiated an imaginary dialogue between beginners of yesterday and today: Lina Bo Bardi, architect and designer; Eva Mameli Calvino, botanist, naturalist and academic; Ada Bursi, architect; Rei Kawakubo, Founder of Comme des Garçons; Cinzia Ruggeri, stylist, fashion designer and designer; Laura Solera Mantegazza with Maria Montessori and Giuseppina Pizzigoni, the three pillars of

international pedagogy; Gala Eluard Dalì, model, artist and art dealer; Bélen Moneo, architect; Carla Accardi, painter and Patricia Urquiola, architect and designer. 

Fabiola Porchi, a student in the Painting and Visual Languages course at the Galli Academy, worked on the development of the project “Chi c'è sotto al tavolo?”. A project that chronicles the change in the teaching and training of children by analysing the work of the three pedagogists.

The project was developed by focusing on the perception of children and their needs. The results of the workshops, drawings and videos were the subject of the installation


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