05 June 2023

The new cover of Artribune magazine is signed by a student in the Visual Arts course

Since September 2022, IED has been making the covers of Artribune magazine, exploring contemporary themes such as the contamination between Art and Technology, Man and Nature, Real and Virtual. These covers are not just images, but real stories.

"A beak, somewhere between skeleton and flesh, peers at us. It has no eyes, but we know its attention is totally focused on us, we can feel all its rancor and pain. He is a beak, though we find it hard to recognize him in this form: he has not undergone the mutilation we reserve for his brothers. He stands there, balancing on a golden thread, thin, fragile, but also powerful and threatening."  With these words Fabiola Porchi, a student in the Painting and Visual Languages course, introduces 1 su 600.000.000, the work selected for issue 72 of Artribune magazine.

The project starts with the modeling in paperclay porcelain, obtained by mixing porcelain and appropriately shredded chicken egg packs, of the beak in full size. This is then placed on a brass wire and suspended. 

In the presentation for the cover, the choice of colors also has a precise meaning: the white of the porcelain left in its natural hue recalls the color of bones and therefore of death, while the yellow chosen for the background refers to the color that the beak has lost, along with life. The two colors, moreover, recall the element of the egg, the production of which is the result of all that the work denounces.

This project is an example of how art can become a manifesto and stimulate reflection on important issues such as our relationship with the animal world. 

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