Academic Foundation Year - Italian Creativity - Fashion, Art and Design - Accademia Aldo Galli



Start date

January 2025


Full time


On campus


6 Months


11.500 €

(Enrolment fee 1.500€ + Tuition fee 10.000€)

The Academic Foundation Year - Italian Creativity program offered by Accademia Galli in Florence is an interdisciplinary educational program designed for students who wish to deepen their creative talents and acquire the necessary skills to enroll in the top Italian academies and universities.

The program's primary objective is to celebrate Italian culture and creative heritage, with a particular focus on the worlds of fashion, design, and the visual arts.

Students will have the opportunity to develop a portfolio of individual projects and works through practical laboratory activities and specialized workshops. This will help them choose the university study path that best suits their inclinations and goals.

This vibrant city, Florence, steeped in history and creativity, provides the perfect setting for students to fully experience and be inspired by the essence of Italian artistry and design. The combination of Florence's unparalleled cultural heritage and its role as a leading fashion hub make it an ideal location to pursue your artistic and creative aspirations.

In summary, this is a high-level educational offering that aims to cultivate the creative talents of students and prepare them for admission into the finest Italian academic institutions specialized in these fields.

Information to decide

Throughout the course, the students will cover various theoretical topics related to fashion, design, and the visual arts. These theoretical elements will then be explored in-depth from a practical standpoint, using graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Individual coaching and guidance sessions will be organized with a personal tutor, who will serve as a reference figure for the Foundation Year students.

From the beginning of the course and throughout its duration, there will be a dedicated module focused on the study of the Italian language and culture.

In summary, the program combines theoretical learning on fashion, design, and the arts with hands-on practical work using industry-standard design tools. It also provides personalized mentorship and instruction in Italian language and culture to support the students' academic and personal development.

The course is aimed at students who possess an upper secondary school degree or another recognised qualification acquired after at least 11 years of education.

Furthermore, a B1 level of English, as verified by an academic certificate and/or via a Skype interview, is also required for access. It is also recommended that students attain the A2 level of Italian

The Academic Foundation has four main strengths:

 -        The tutor's figure

The tutor is a constant point of reference for Foundation Year students.

From enrolment until the end of the course, the tutor acts as an intermediary between the students, the school and the teaching staff. This is to establish a relationship and individual dialogue with each member of the class from the outset.

Furthermore, the tutor assumes the role of coordinator with the host families for students who are still minors, ensuring smooth and constant communication between both parties.

-        Trips and out-of-school experiences

Over the course of the year, students will have the opportunity to participate in major fashion, art, and design events organised in Como and elsewhere.

The visits, always led by an accompanying lecturer or tutor, are designed to introduce students to the territory, its historical and artistic heritage, as well as general cultural richness.

-       The city of Florence

Florence is one of the most iconic cities in the world. It is the capital of the Italian Renaissance and the main city of the Tuscany region, a captivating area of rolling hills, medieval villages, and vineyards.

 The city itself is an open-air museum, and together with Milan, it is one of the fashion capitals of Italy, where prestigious brands like Gucci and Ferragamo were born.

 Living in Florence will also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Italian lifestyle: art, culture, beauty, fashion, and delicious cuisine.


-        Homestay accommodation with BEC for under-age students

Accademia Aldo Galli has entered into a new collaboration with the agency BEC - British European Centre. This will meet the needs of international minor students who will come to study in Florence, as well as provide them with accommodation in a host family, selected through a thorough search.

Students' homestay will be a further opportunity to learn more about the Italian language and culture.


The course offers a comprehensive curriculum of theoretical lessons, workshops, special lectures, and laboratories, in addition to specific educational modules focused on the learning of the Italian language.

The program is divided into three main modules:

·       Linguistic Intensive: Intensive modules in Italian language and culture (conducted in Italian)

·       Preparatory: Cultural studies (in English) / Computer software modules (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, in English)

·       Experiential: Project-based workshops and laboratories, coaching and guidance sessions, field trips, and special lectures (in Italian and/or English)