Master of Arts in Painting and Digital Arts - Accademia Aldo Galli Como



Start date

October 2024


Full time


On campus


2 Years



Course Coordination

Marta Bianchi

Explore the field of artistic production, considering the relationship of art with contemporary phenomena, aesthetics, science and technology, social and environmental dynamics, getting ready to be a protagonist in the international art system.

The Master of Arts will provide a significant training to tackle all the issues related to the artist profession, from the conception of an idea to the accomplishment of projects and works of art, up to the adequate presentation of one’s own work.

The course provides digital tools to transform the working process and develop the creative potentials. The interactive nature of this program is instrumental in preparing the student for the future. Students will gain a range of transferable skills from having to work with a variety of professors that emphasizes communication and collaboration.

Our students will analyze in-depth the essential formal, conceptual, intellectual and functional aspects, while achieving the professional knowledge and experience needed to develop their career as artists.

Information to decide

Prepare yourself for entering the digital art world.

This program combines theory, laboratory, conceptual design,projects and also internships for students working with a wide variety of media, from painting to video, from digital arts to installation. The students will have access to historical and conceptual knowledge in order to establish their own research and technical skills that support their work, including a solid digital program, training in the curatorial and museum fields in order to operate at an institutional level, and finally access to a specific creative network essential to their professional development.

The Master of Arts in PAINTING AND DIGITAL ART. Coding the Future of Accademia Galli is for students wishing to undertake an international and highly qualified career in art, starting from well-defined skills in terms of conceptualization, design and artistic production.

Applications are open for candidates holding a First Level Degree or Academic Diploma in Visual Arts or Creative Disciplines. Different backgrounds will be considered case by case.

The Master of Arts is designed for a limited number of students: it aims at creating a selected work group within an international environment including professionals and students coming from different countries and backgrounds.
This program combines theory, laboratory, conceptual design, projects and internships, getting students in touch with different media: from painting to video, from digital arts to installation.



Particular emphasis will be given to the students’ critical reflection on their individual investigations. We are going to promote methods and a critical attitude towards the presentation and communication of their own artistic production.


The opportunity to reflect at a curatorial level on cultural, social and anthropological perspectives in order to establish exhibition and public interactive models from different points of view, inviting us to reflect on current issues and deconstruct historical narratives.


The course inquires some exhibition models to learn the critical awareness of spaces, narratives, audiences and institutional structures.


In addition to the theoretical, conceptual, institutional and intellectual training, the Master will provide the students with a rich knowledge of the technical aspects in the actual development of the artwork, through workshops that include painting techniques, performance, digital image processing, digital video and animation, digital art and coding.


Marta Bianchi

Creative and executive produce